History and Development

This National University of Tainan is located in Tainan city, which is regarded as 'the capital of culture and history', and has rich traditional arts and cultural heritage. From the beginning as a teachers training school and later converted as teachers college and nowadays as university, this university has built a great tradition. It has been an institution that cultivated excellent art teachers and art professionals. 

  In 2004, the department changed its name as “Department of Fine Arts” by the agreement of Ministry of Education. In 2006, the “Department of Fine Arts” has included the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In 2014, the department changed its name as “Department of Visual Arts and Design". This department mainly cultivates professional people in the fields of art practiceart theory and art administration. In addition, it also has the programs of high school teacher training (in field of arts and humanity) to be able to foster the cultural development and level of art education for the state.

   *1950Art Department established in Provincial Tainan Teachers School. Student enrollment continued until August1958.
   *August 1962 School became Provincial Tainan Teachers Junior College. Arts and Crafts program was established.
   *July 1987School became Provincial Teachers College. Arts and Crafts program established in Department of Primary Education.
   *July 1991School renamed as National Tainan Teachers College.
   *August 1998: Department of Arts and Crafts Education was established. 
   *2002Graduate Institute of Visual Arts was established.
   *2002Curriculum for teacher training was established to qualify students as high school teachers in the “Field of Arts and Humanities ”.
   *2004Department was renamed as Department of Fine Arts.
   *2006Integration of BA and MA programs in the Department of Fine

          *2014Department was renamed as Department of Visual Arts and Design.