Faculty Members
  Name Position Tel. Ext. E-mail Specialty
Ching-Lin Pan Professor(Chairperson) (06)2133111#658 tuhehe@mail.nutn.edu.tw Art Management and Marketing, Art Administration
Mei-Yin Lin Professor 06-2133111#656 meiyin1008@yahoo.com.tw
Shih-Heng Kao Professor 06-2133111#674 kaoshih@mail.nutn.edu.tw Theory of Contemporary Art
History of Arts
Dou-Chih Wang Professor 06-2133111#696 dreamer@mail.nutn.edu.tw
Chien-Fa Chen Professor 06-2133111#538 fa9131@mail.nutn.edu.tw Chinese Painting, History of Chinese Arts
Yeou–Xin Wu Professor 06-2133111#702 farloce@mail.nutn.edu.tw Chinese Painting, Contemporary Art Studies
Ming-Chueh Hung Professor (06)2133111 hungpablo@gmail.com Practice of Contemporary Art
Oil Painting
Wei-Hsiu Tung Professor 06-2133111#695 weihsiu@mail.nutn.edu.tw Aesthetics, Art Appreciation, Public Art, Art Education