Equipments and Management
The department is located in the first, second and third floor of the Fine Arts Building. The facilities are including the followings:

(1)16 professional classrooms: 2 ceramics studios,1printmaking studio, 1 craft studio, 2multi-function studios, 3painting studios,1 Chinese painting studio, 1studio for graduation project, 1 seminar room, 1research students’room, 1 computer room.
(2) 1 exhibition space --the First Gallery. The Fine Arts Department is responsible for arranging the exhibition date (s), and in charged with the property.
(3) 2 offices : including department office, and chairperson’s office.
(4) 1 conference room.

All these classrooms and studios are equipped with different professional facilities, such as Mac Computers, LCD screens, portable computers, and so on. These equipments are provided for more quality and quantity of basic needs.
General device and teaching resources in each professional classroom is in charged by different professor. The custody of the property are assisted by teaching and administrative assistants. The Chairperson of the Fine Art Department are responsible for co-ordination of space and renewal of device. The ceramics studios, printmaking studios, and the craft studio are also maintained by Center of Environment, Safety and Health, Department of General Affairs.

According to the campus laboratory safety regulation, there are conditions for the using of professional classrooms and studios. Except computer’s room, all the rooms are entirely open and free access for students..