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 Homepage/Introduction of the Department of Fine Arts

History and Development

  This National University of Tainan is located in Tainan city, which is regarded as 'the capital of culture and history', and has rich traditional arts and cultural heritage. From the beginning as a teachers training school and later converted as teachers college and nowadays as university, this university has built a great tradition. It has been an institution that cultivated excellent art teachers and art professionals. 

  In 2004, the department changed its name as “Department of Fine Arts” by the agreement of Ministry of Education. In 2006, the “Department of Fine Arts” has included the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This department mainly cultivates professional people in the fields of art practice、art theory and art administration. In addition, it also has the programs of high school teacher training (in field of arts and humanity) to be able to foster the cultural development and level of art education for the state.

   *1950:Art Department established in Provincial Tainan Teachers School. Student enrollment continued until August1958.
   *August 1962: School became Provincial Tainan Teachers Junior College. Arts and Crafts program was established.
   *July 1987:School became Provincial Teachers College. Arts and Crafts program established in Department of Primary Education.
   *July 1991:School renamed as National Tainan Teachers College.
   *August 1998: Department of Arts and Crafts Education was established. 
   *2002:Graduate Institute of Visual Arts was established.
   *2002:Curriculum for teacher training was established to qualify students as high school teachers in the “Field of Arts and Humanities ”.
   *2004:Department was renamed as Department of Fine Arts.
   *2006:Integration of BA and MA programs in the Department of Fine Arts

Aims of Teaching
1.The Objectives of BA program in Department of Fine Arts:
1.1 To cultivate professional people who have knowledge and competence to undertake art practice.

1.2 To cultivate talented people in fine art and theory of humanity subject.

1.3To cultivate professional people in the field of art and design who are specialized in new media and digital art.

1.4 To foster high school teacher’s training who are specialized in visual in the field of arts and humanity.
2.The Objectives of MA program in Department of Fine Arts
Features of Department
In the last decade of Department of Fine Art, there are several chairpersons who contribute to the development of this department, they are:Cai Mao-Song, Wang Duo-Zhi, Xu He-Jie, therefore to accomplish the fine art department progressively:
The BA program in Fine Arts has both fields of art practice and theory and also integrates teaching of digital media and art of new technology. The objectives of courses in MA program in Fine Arts focus on educating art professionals in research of art theory, art practice and art administration. It also aims to cultivate art teachers in visual art.
2.Teaching materials:
Department of Fine Arts has collaboration with Department of Information and Learning Technology、Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. In 2007 and 2008, there was amount of N.T.13 million funding from Ministry of Education which were subsided for ”Projects of Cultivating Professional People on Play-Oriented Digital Learning Content”. This funding has strengthened the equipments of hardware and software of department and also established a system of practice in industry. This project also made the integrative development of fine arts and digital learning.
The are “Art Distract of National University of Tainan” and “First Gallery” managed by Department of Fine Arts. These spaces are made for teaching、practicing and also provided excellent spaces for art exhibitions and displays.
There are solo and group exhibitions hold by the faculty of Fine Art Department in a regular bases. There is an annual exhibition of “Group Exhibition of Professors in Fine arts Department ”every year in March. We also encourage students to participate in “Art Distract of National University of Tainan” and “First Gallery” by holding group or solo exhibitions. There are annual exhibitions by undergraduate and graduate students in Tainan city, Tai-Chiung and Tainan as well. These exhibitions often receive good comments from all aspects.
6.Presentation of researches:
Professors in Department of Fine Arts are encouraged to apply for research projects and publications. There are academic forums、artist talks and conferences which invited speakers from Taiwan and overseas in the department regularly. For example, in 2006, the international conference “The Gaze and Split of Contemporary Art Practice in Taiwan and Hong Kong” and “2009 Visual Art Conference” have gain good reputations.
7.Collaborations with industry:
Located in the center of Tainan city, National University of Tainan is surrounded Tainan Cultural Creative District which established by Council of Cultural Affairs and Tainan Technology Industrial Park. This department, therefore, well-establishes the animation design curriculum, fosters arts and design experts, prepares the environment of creative industry. This will also help to increase the job opportunities of the our students in the future.
8.Academic exchanges:
The department promoted academic exchanges actively in the recent years. In Taiwan:regular exchanges with Department of Fine Arts in National Kaohsiung Normal University、Graduate School of Plastic Art in Nation Tainan University of Arts、Department of Visual Arts in National Chiayi University、Department of Visual Arts in National Pingtung University of Education、Department of Visual Communication and Space Design in Kung Sung University of Technology、Department of Fine Arts in Tainan University of Technology. International exchanges: We had professors and students went to art colleges in UK, France, Japan and China for academic exchanges. During 2004-2009, there are academic co-operations with University of Nice—Sophia Antipolis (Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis), Ecole Normale Superieue-Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Lyon), University Paris 8 (Universite de Saint-Denis—Paris 8) in France and London Metropolitan University in UK for mural exchanges of students and professors.
Space and equipment
The department is located in the first, second and third floor of the Fine Arts Building. The facilities are including the followings:

(1)16 professional classrooms: 2 ceramics studios,1printmaking studio, 1 craft studio, 2multi-function studios, 3painting studios,1 Chinese painting studio, 1studio for graduation project, 1 seminar room, 1research students’room, 1 computer room.

(2) 1 exhibition space --the First Gallery. The Fine Arts Department is responsible for arranging the exhibition date (s), and in charged with the property.

(3) 2 offices : including department office, and chairperson’s office.

(4) 1 conference room.

All these classrooms and studios are equipped with different professional facilities, such as Mac Computers, LCD screens, portable computers, and so on. These equipments are provided for more quality and quantity of basic needs.
Information for location

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